MEMOTEXT Founder and President Amos Adler to Present at Stanford Medicine X 2015

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Abstract: “Using Disparate Data to Personalize Digital Health Behavior Change Interventions” to be presented at conference main stage

Toronto, ON September 16, 2015 – MEMOTEXT is pleased to announce that our Founder and President Amos Adler will be a main stage speaker at Stanford Medicine X 2015. Running from September 23-27 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Medicine X is a catalyst for sharing new ideas on the intersection of healthcare and emerging technologies. Hosted by Stanford University, Medicine X brings together both business and academia for a 4 day conversation on the future of healthcare. At Stanford, Amos will be presenting the abstract: “Using Disparate Data to Personalize Digital Health Behavior Change Interventions”. Using data derived from MEMOTEXT’s personalized adherence programs, we’ve identified that collecting data from patient self-report, claims-data, wearables and EMRs can be successfully used to personalize digital health behavior change. By combining multi-dimensional data from patient self-report (e.g. mood, quality of life, perceptual barriers to adherence) with objective data sources (e.g. prescription claims data, real-time blood glucose levels) MEMOTEXT has demonstrated both the efficacy and efficiency of a two-tiered data driven digital health intervention. With much of digital health research focused on short term (3 – 6 months) outcomes and technology adoption, MEMOTEXT is proud to be presenting pioneering work in the delivery and long-term use of digital health interventions through various case studies. Amos will be speaking at Stanford Medicine X 2015 on Saturday, September 26 at 1:05 pm PST at Plenary Hall as the closing speaker of the “Moving from EHR to PHR and beyond” session. We hope you will join in the conversation on the future of healthcare and technology, either in person or through the Medicine X Livestream: Be sure to register for the livestream by Monday, September 21st 5:00 PM PST to ensure that you receive the access link when it goes live.   About MEMOTEXT MEMOTEXT Corp. improves outcomes for patients and the bottom line for healthcare stakeholders by ensuring patients adhere to their treatment. With a proprietary, evidence-based self-learning algorithm and communications platform, MEMOTEXT integrates behavior change into the everyday lives of patients with personalized, secure, interactive voice, text, and mobile communications. Visit