Promoting Senior Independence in the New Normal

By Amos Adler | Co-Founder, CEO

So here we are, its 2020, we all have long hair (in my case it may or may not look like Christopher Walken’s hair). So much has gone on, and we haven’t even got to the murderous bees yet. None of which is to diminish from the monumental events of this year. What we have gone through has been challenging indeed. Justified social unrest, economic uncertainty and changes in the ways we work and live and consume healthcare. What has received slightly less attention as of recent is the particularly devastating impact on seniors in long term care during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The conditions within which people have been subject to have been appalling and as we know a breeding ground for Covid-19 and a disproportionate number of fatalities due to years of neglect, complexity, and systems that are broken.  

All this to highlight that prolonging independence at home for our aging populations is more important than ever. 

As some of you may know, MEMOTEXT has had a deepening relationship with SE Health and the SE Futures team.  You may have seen the evolution of our projects and work together from our CABHI funded usability test of Amazon Alexa in our Ring of Support program.  

Since then we’ve worked together to help seniors at home with care coordination and Covid-19 screening using telephone based IVRs and have enabled more virtual care conversations than ever before. We continue to collaborate and work together to improve outcomes for vulnerable seniors at home. 

Together we are working on our most recent venture into senior care and leveraging the MEMOTEXT platform to increase independence for seniors and support caregivers at home. Seniors value their independence and maintaining their sense of self allows them to preserve their mental and physical health as well. Ring of Support helps seniors go about their everyday life, while providing peace of mind to their caregivers. RoS provides morning and evening check-ins, medication and event reminders, and provides notifications so that caregivers can monitor thier loved one from afar. If they aren’t feeling well, seniors can request to speak with a SE Health nurse and the nursing team can even deploy a nurse directly to the home if needed. 

Please have a look at as we launch the most recent use-case on the MEMOTEXT platform and collaborate with our partners to figure out the best way of engaging and caring for seniors at home. Your input is highly valued as we move forward with this exciting venture at this critical time.