Ohio State University and MEMOTEXT continue their digital health partnership

Ohio State University and MEMOTEXT Corporation have collaborated on a number of different research studies together. Lisa Militello, a post-doctoral researcher is a firm believer that the dynamic simplicity of text messages can support children and families through the process of positive behavior change.  Delivering optimally timed messages that communicate knowledge or skills in a manner that “speaks to” patients can be a great source of support.  Previously, Lisa had leveraged the MEMOTEXT communication platform in her TEXT2COPE study, looking at improving outcomes in childhood obesity. This study was recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) and Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Building on these positive results, Lisa continues her research alongside Dr. Melnyk, Chief Wellness Officer and Dean for the College of Nursing at The Ohio State University.  The Wellness Onboarding Program examines how peer to peer wellness health coaching impacts first year Health Science Graduate Students’ beliefs, behaviors, and health outcomes (BMI, blood pressure, hemoglobin A1C, cholesterol).  Health science students are connected with family nurse practitioner students as their health coaches, who review health goals provide wellness coaching. MEMOTEXT’s communication platform was integrated within the study to provide participants with the opportunity to receive tailored support and appointment reminders via short message service (SMS), to help them stay on track with their wellness coaching. The messages are one or 2-way communications that provide participants with general wellness, physical activity, and nutrition support. “It’s always great to collaborate with academic researchers and work on innovative and clinically meaningful digital health interventions” Amos Adler, M.Sc., President of MEMOTEXT details: “This program is yet another example of how mobile health technology can bring patient engagement to a whole new level, while having the potential to dramatically improving health.” About Lisa Militello: Lisa’s clinical experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner and background in public health has provided her with the opportunity to work with children and families to encourage healthy choices. In her research she uses technology to reach and deliver health education and behavior change skills.  The ultimate goal of her research is to make it easier for children and families to use all kinds of technology to accomplish their health goals. About Ohio State University: Ohio State University is located in Columbus and is a school with a long history of academic achievement and laboratory innovation. Its main campus is one of the largest and most comprehensive in America and is ranked one of the top 20 public universities. More information about Ohio State University can be found at About MEMOTEXT: MEMOTEXT Corp. improves outcomes for patients and the bottom line for healthcare stakeholders by ensuring patients adhere to their treatment. With a proprietary, evidence-based self-learning algorithm and communications platform, MEMOTEXT integrates behavior change into the everyday lives of patients with personalized, secure, interactive voice, text, and mobile communications. Visit us at