MEMOTEXT, STI and Allergan launch integrated Restasis® digital patient support program

Allergan Inc. has partnered with STI Technologies Limited and MEMOTEXT to launch the Restasis® treatment support pilot program: a digital health patient adherence and support program aimed at improving medication adherence for patients with dry eye. The pilot program was first launched in the province of Ontario and has recently been expanded to include the Western provinces of Canada. The Restasis® treatment support program was designed using MEMOTEXT’s communication platform and personologic algorithm. The platform is a web-based, intuitive tool that helps patients stay engaged in their care. Through the platform and its personologic algorithm, participants can opt-in to receive medication reminders and educational messages about eye health, their medication, and disease via IVR (phone call), SMS (text message) or email at a frequency that is personalized and unique to their needs. The Restasis® treatment support program brings together Restasis® (a medication that provides a long-term solution to dry eye, developed by Allergan Inc.), with the patient engagement and analytics platform, proprietary clinical algorithms and evidence based personalization capabilities from MEMOTEXT Corporation and the benefits of savings and data from STI Technologies Limited. The result is a program that combines the strengths of each company to treat dry eye better than ever before. About Allergan Inc.: Allergan Inc. is a pharmaceutical company committed to delivering innovative and meaningful treatments to help people live healthier lives. Allergan develops, manufactures branded pharmaceuticals, devices and biological products.  To learn more visit About STI Technologies Limited: STI is a healthcare technology company that provides Canadians with more access and choice to medications and healthcare products. Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies of Canada, STI delivers reimbursements, patient management and engagement solutions to support improved health outcomes.  To learn more visit About MEMOTEXT: MEMOTEXT Corp. improves outcomes for patients and the bottom line for healthcare stakeholders by ensuring patients adhere to their treatment. With a proprietary, evidence-based self-learning algorithm and communications platform, MEMOTEXT integrates behavior change into the everyday lives of patients with personalized, secure, interactive voice, text, and mobile communications. Visit us at