MEMOTEXT Makes the Top 20

MEMOTEXT is named by HIT Consultant as one of the Top 20 Canadian Digital Health Technology Start-Ups to Watch

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Noah Nemoy Earlier this month HIT Consultant, released their list of the Top 20 Canadian digital health companies to lookout for. The companies on the list were selected for their potential for growth and represented disparate areas of digital health, including digital health solutions, diagnostics, and patient centred care. MEMOTEXT managed to not only make the Top 20, but was also one of the Top 10 digital health start-ups in Eastern Canada, and the only company of the 20 with an exclusive focus on patient adherence.   MEMOTEXT’s spot on the list was due to several factors. The article cited MEMOTEXT’s 17% increase in patients’ confidence of self-management, up to a 55% improvement in patients’ medication possession ratio and an increase of 88% in user retention. Another factor was our better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction for the provider. Author Komal Garewal also found MEMOTEXT’s customizable programs, both at the design stage by physicians or brands to enhance effectiveness and by the patient/user to personalize their adherence programs, particularly impressive. Our flexible algorithms that influence behavior change by adapting to each patient’s changing biometrics and collected circumstances, also stood out. Especially relevant to the United States, our program design customization can be tailored to maximize provider’s reported quality of care measures and reimbursement rates.   Our coverage in HIT Consultant is the latest accolades MEMOTEXT received in 2015. Other media highlights were being featured in the Mexican media as part of their Toronto innovation coverage in the lead up to the Pan-Am Games, our pilot program HealthNHand with PerformRx and AmeriHealthDC the initial results of which were recently presented at BIO2015, and our strategic alliance with STI to supercharge adherence in Canada. With MEMOTEXT continuing to scale up and new programs under development, we advise you to follow HIT Consultant’s advice and watch what the next quarter brings.   NOAH NEMOY M.Sc. TEAM LEAD COMMUNICATIONS noah With an MSc in the Theory and History of International Relations from the London School of Economics, Noah brings several years of communications experience to MEMOTEXT. Prior to joining, he worked for the Government of Ontario, several small businesses, and most recently on the winning campaign in the 2014 Toronto mayoral election. As someone who loves communicating good ideas to help make the world a better place, Noah is thrilled to be a part of the MEMOTEXT team.