BAM Blog Posted on January 24, 2016 by Noah Nemoy Advancing the way people interact with their health technology is a pillar of MEMOTEXT’s mission. The greatest part about working on so many different programs for different stakeholders, is that we get to learn how people interact or refrain from engaging with their health. Learning from programs that allowed us to monitor adherence and persistence with claims data such as the Stick2it hypertension adherence program with Green Shield CanadaMEMOTEXT was able to develop the Balanced Adherence Metric (or BAM). Most academics and professionals use measures like Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) or Medication Possession Ratio (MPR). But while these measures have several advantages, they don’t account for other adherence factors, such as delay to refill. Using the claims data from Stick2it we calculated PDC, MPR and Delay to Refill and combined them into a single, unified, weighted metric that was easy to interpret: The BAM! A normalizer for multi-variate adherence data to provide a more holistic, richer picture of adherence behavior tailored to the needs of the stakeholder consuming the data. We are currently validating the BAM and our research shows this combination of three metrics may be more beneficial than a single metric alone. Interpretation of the BAM is identical to PDC, making it simple for academics, professionals and the general public to understand, and the simple formula can be calculated using a wide range of software. MEMOTEXT will continue to validate the BAM over the coming months. We are looking forward to utilizing it in our upcoming adherence programs, to make them even more effective for our clients and patients.   NOAH NEMOY M.Sc. TEAM LEAD COMMUNICATIONS noah   With an MSc in the Theory and History of International Relations from the London School of Economics, Noah brings several years of communications experience to MEMOTEXT. Prior to joining, he worked for the Government of Ontario, several small businesses and political campaigns. As someone who loves communicating good ideas to help make the world a better place, Noah is thrilled to be a part of the MEMOTEXT team.