Its 2020: Analytics is not enough!

We here at MEMOTEXT are so lucky!
For 8 years, we’ve been privileged to build some very powerful and meaningful digital health engagement programs. Powerful and empowering. Powerful in their impact, powerful in their scalability, and empowering in their design and effect. We’ve been lucky to generate scores of positive outcomes for people engaged with our programs, our approaches, and our collaborations.

Health data, evidence & empathy

We attribute the success of our impact to a team and a technology platform that facilitates a) engagement based on a combination of subjective and objective data to identify risk and create relevant personalized digital content for chronic disease and mental health, b) dedication to flexibility (iterative, collaborative work with our clients and partners), c) empathy and listening in our design process with patients, families and clinicians, and d) a commitment to evidence-informed approaches and continuous validation.
It starts with people, problem definitions and data, working with patients, families, clinicians and business stakeholders to identify problems and opportunities. Analytics can drive this process. Machine Learning (ML) analytics can be very powerful for predicting risk and identifying opportunities particularly in health data. But guess what? Analytics is not enough.

Data driven digital patient engagement and therapeutics

We’ve been using data for ML analytics for more than 2 years now to understand and predict everything from who is at risk for T2 Diabetes (from pharmacy claims data) to who is at risk of discontinuing treatment (adherence predictors) and more. The difference is… we then do something about it. We are the ‘now what?’ of digital health! Analytics is not enough. Analytics combined with a platform for empathy and evidence to build truly powerful digital engagement. That is how we action your damn data.
As a result of our experience over the last years, building everything from STARS focused care transition, wellness, treatment adherence, and our most recent digital therapeutics initiatives, we’ve gained insight not only into the works of our collaborators and clients but also the nuance and interdependence of our stakeholders. We understand the nuance of integrating into peoples lives, workflows and systems, efficacy, iterating, and the economics that drive scale.
A focus on relevance in engagement is our differentiator, a focus on connecting patients to care-givers, connecting patients to one another and building specificity into everything we do is what has given us an edge. Having said this, we can always do better, and we will. And guess what? You, our partners, clients and stakeholders can too. You might’ve seen some of our successes in the past but just wait ’till you see where we’re going.
Evidence based digital patient engagement with Massachusetts General Hospital, CAMH, University of British Columbia, FHI 360, Green Shield Canada, Boots Pharmacy, Inviva Canada, SE Health, and dozens more have laid the foundation for our digital patient engagement and digital therapeutics (DTx) platform.
Watch for more ground-breaking developments in the coming months from our team, our partners, and our platform.