Green Shield Canada launches Dot the Carebot with MEMOTEXT

Introducing Dot the Diabetes Carebot…

Advanced analytics and machine learning have the potential to be game changers in the detection and management of diabetes. In the new year, in partnership with the health analytics company, MEMOTEXT and Green Shield Canada (GSC) GSC launch Dot the Diabetes Carebot. Dot is a chatbot and navigator developed to help GSC plan members who may be at risk for pre-diabetes and those who already have type 2 diabetes. “We wanted to better understand, or even predict, who was at risk of developing this increasingly common chronic condition, and once they did, who was likely to escalate to higher-cost diabetes therapies,” explains Erin Crump, GSC’s leader of strategic innovation. Dot will help plan members navigate through GSC service offerings by recommending available programs and tools, offering daily support, and engaging them using insightful tips and motivational content. Read the press release here: Green Shield Canada Press Release