Shifts & Opportunities – An InDepth Review Advancing Digital Medicine Featured in Nature Biotech

MT_NL_April_Blog-NatureBiotech Although I don’t know him personally, Joseph Kvedar is someone who I look up to. He’s been at the forefront of digital health for many years and a leader in the identification, validation and application of digital health. In this paper,  Joseph Kvedar, Alexander Fogel, Eric Elenko & Daphne Zohar describe key advances, the marketplace and the opportunity for digital medicine in chronic disease. In the publication, the group outlines several key advances in digital health, monitoring, adherence and behavior change. A focus on evidence-based interventions shows that there is a shift-change from concept to reality in a number of different digital health domains. The article aptly moves digital health into the mainstream as a significant way of augmenting and helping move a system focussed on acute care to one to help manage a continuum of care over time. Challenges exist in security, privacy, validation, application and reimbursement but they are outnumbered by the opportunities.       AMOS ADLER M.Sc. FOUNDER & PRESIDENT img35 Amos brings speech, mobile and social technologies together to create mobile (mHealth) and telehealth patient adherence programs. Since 2008, Amos has led the design and deployment of dozens of digital patient adherence and behavior change programs globally while advocating for evidence-based approaches to technology-based behavior change. With a background in user oriented design methodologies, user-requirements elicitation, finance and enterprise scale technology deployment, Amos focuses on solutions solving real-world business requirements with patient centered designs while understanding the challenges of change management in clinical settings. Prior to founding MEMOTEXT, Amos held multiple technology and finance related positions within the Bell Canada Holdings family of companies as well as a background in social and private real estate development. Amos holds a M.Sc. in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems from The London School of Economics in London England, graduating with distinction was highlighted by his work within the launch of the world’s first independent exchange for international wholesale telecom capacity. Amos speaks regularly at events such as: mHealth, Stanford Mobile Health, Health Datapalooza, Genentech FutureMed2.0 and has guest lectured at the Univ. of Toronto