COVID-19 risk screening and proactive analytics for schools.

The start of a school year normally feels like the start of something exciting and new. New teachers. New faces. New friends. The promise of a new year ahead. This year is going to look a little bit different.  

As parents worry about children remaining safe, school administrators are working hard to create an environment that promotes safety. After, all, as we think about returning to school, the most important thing to prioritize is the health and well-being of staff and students. 

This is where MEMOTEXT can help! As a trusted digital health company we are expanding our COVID-19 Rapid Response Outreach, Assessment and Follow Up Solution into the academic world. 

Proactive risk dashboard

Co-designed with schools K-12, this lightweight secure solution helps ensure safe reopening of school facilities. The MEMOTEXT HIPPA/PHIPA compliant COVID-19 specific tool supports students, teachers, and administrators during the pandemic.  

Our tool provides:
1) Daily digital assurance for safe reopening so parents feel confident
2) Advance risk notifications for the school to enable better decision support and avoid outbreaks in the community
3) A log of all screens for audit trail for ministry and risk mitigation

This program automates daily health assessments, sent out to the parents each morning. This survey is evidence based and rapidly customizable as COVID-19 evolves in real time. Once the survey is complete everyone receives a risk and personalized next steps. 

Each day a new image reflects whether the student can gain entry to school premises. This image must be presented at a checkpoint prior to entry to ensure that no one is entering the building who has been identified as a risk. A searchable database also provides monitors an indication if student/guardians have completed the daily screen. An operational dashboard displays screening risk and follow up actions that can predict risk on a grade, class or student body level.  This will allow the school to surface insights and be proactive in combatting the effects of COVID-19 spread. 

We believe that this is the best way to promote peace of mind to parents as school begins in these uncertain times. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to or and we can arrange a meeting at your convenience. Read more on our website here