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T2DM Adherence

Patient engagement interventions that target and engage with individuals at risk-for or managing T2DM. Validated improvements in adherence to therapy and HBa1C outcomes improvements. Curated and validated with Vanderbilt college, Boots Pharmacies (UK) and effective in SUPD populations.

What is Diabetes Behaviour Change

MEMOTEXT T2DM patient engagement interventions listen, learn, support and motivate.

Clinically and commercially validated,  the MEMOTEXT framework and content package is aimed at helping individuals improve adherence, lower HbA1c and make healthy lifestyle changes. Educational messages are categorized as related to: medication, disease, lifestyle and diet. Support messages are categorized as related to: motivation, tailored tips, goals and feedback on progress. The intervention can include pre-segmentation into cohorts based on adherence categorizations based on claims data.

Piloted By: Boots Pharmacy UK, Green Shield Canada and Humana

ML Targetting & Diabetes Bots

MEMOTEXT Data Science has validated a series of feature predictors to address clinical business needs such as identifying: high cost plan members, drug switching in early stage treatment, and likelihood of disease onset.

To increase program engagement an intake assessment chat bot based on a validated Pre-Diabetes risk assessment has been shown to increase recuritment/enrollment completion rates.

The program helps to prevent disease and reduces associated costs, supports at risk adults with through healthy lifestyle promotion, increase engagement and collects real world data for future analytic initiatives. The program provides participants with accurate information and support to help self manage their condition and remain adherent. 

Results from previous studies with type 2 diabetes have shown improved medication adherence and  improved dietary decisions at 6 and 12 months and improved diabetes self-efficacy. Typical response rates to Diabetes engagement programs are very high (+90% over 12 months). Research with the Vanderbilt University Medical Center showed enhanced awareness about non adherence, increased accountability and gave participants the feeling of being cared about. 92% of participants stated they would sign up for the study again. See the study here. 

The Team

The research team from Vanderbilt University Medical center included Lyndsay Nelson, PhD and Lindsay Mayberry, M.S., PhD. 

Lindsay Mayberry, M.S., PhD is an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She has created and evaluated interventions to support and maintain behavioural health changes in adults.  

Lyndsay Nelson, PhD is a research assistant professor of medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her research is based in self-care promotion and technology-based health interventions for diabetes.